Proyectos tecnologias dim

We work with latest software with editing in real time, thanks to graphics engines and GPU (Graphic Processing Units), depth mapping, dynamic lights and optimized for HDR, shadow control and integrated physics system, are just some of the tools that provide many advantages over traditional CAD software.


It is a computer simulation, dynamic, three-dimensional, high graphic, acoustic and tactile, oriented to the situations and complex variables, display during which the user enters, through the use of sophisticated input devices, to worlds that seem real, resulting in highly participatory environments of artificial origin. A new and surprising way to navigate information.

Camara Realidad Virtual


It is a live view, direct or indirect, of an environment of physical real world whose elements are increased with the sensory input generated by computer, such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. With the help of advanced AR information technology, the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digital and can be manipulated. Artificial information about the environment and their objects can be superimposed on the real world.

Realidad aumentada

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